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Fission I
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Fission I
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Fission I
Artist LIU Zi-Ping, Artist
Year 2011 Year
Category Printing Category
Size 145.5x115.2cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20130104
Artist Liu Zi-Ping receives inspiration for his creativity from the experience in life. His recent creations have further reflected a greater framework that shifts to the sabotage and change in the environment. “Fission I” is a creation of multi-color printing on wooden plates, which content starts from the various issues regarding the environmental protection for Earth and is infused with civil and modern diversity of symbolic totems, presenting some complex and interlaced chaos. The blue ocean current on the work symbolizes the power of nature that penetrates through the land to form a unique structure, which profoundly describes the strong strength of natural calamities. “Fission I” outlines the serious thinking of the artist towards the land, environment and disasters, leading the viewers to reflect the relationship between the land and the earth.
On loan(11/04/2017∼10/04/2018)
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