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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
20130257AM4:55:relative image
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Artist YEH Jen-Kun, Artist
Year 2011 Year
Category Eastern Gouache Category
Size 85x129x7.5cm x1p Size
Artwork Appreciation 20130257
The subject of YEH Jen-kun’s painting AM4:55 is a concrete retaining wall on a mountainside alongside a highway. He chose the name of the painting to portray an emotional experience he once had at a certain point in time. Yeh presents almost the entirety of this piece in grays, emphasizing the weight of the concrete structure as he attempts to convey the cold mood of manmade structures we find in our society. He highlights the linear patterns of the structure with simple shading, giving the scene a flattened visual effect. Yeh’s work is inspired by his observations of everyday living spaces and structures. By enhancing or removing objects in real-world landscapes, he places the painting in a tranquil point in space and time, conveying his poetic sensory experience with urban structures.
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