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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
On the Verge
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On the Verge
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On the Verge
Artist Kumiko Hsu, Artist
Year 2005 Year
Category Eastern Gouache Category
Size 53x53cm x1p Size
Artwork Appreciation 20130343
HSU Yu-Ting likes using abstract visual forms to convey the critical thoughts and feelings of people in the environment. In On the Verge, she fills a grid-like canvas space with gentle lines of different shades, mostly greens, creating a grassy landscape caressed by gentle breezes. Hsu often uses vegetation as subject matter for her creative work, seeing plants as a natural part of the landscape. Using a freehand technique, she attempts to incorporate vegetation into abstract scenes, exploring the rapidly changing environment that we live in today. Her painting is filled with a sense of flowing time, conveying to the viewer on two-dimensional canvas the flow and impermanence of time and space.
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