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Enjoy put love in nature
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Enjoy put love in nature
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Enjoy put love in nature
Artist JEN Fu-Cheng, Artist
Year 2002 Year
Category Ink Painting Category
Size 100 x 100 cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140009
Chinese ink painter CHENG Fu-Cheng tries to free himself from traditional Chinese literati form and technique and turn his attention toward Taiwan and there seek new media and a new language for painting. In Enjoy Nature, CHENG Fu-Cheng uses unbridled lines to depict nature and the landscape of his inner world. In this painting one can see the flowing lines and “rhythm” of ink as it takes many forms. The entire work seems to have a casual structure but the visual moving lines clearly affect the balance of the picture. CHENG Fu-Cheng makes use of combinations and changes of color to give a sense of layering and fill the canvass with a unique charm. CHENG Fu-Cheng believes that landscape painting should be based on a sincere respect and reverence but that it should free itself from traditional Chinese literati forms and techniques. He uses a kind of ""doodling"" approach to express his own personal praise of nature.
On loan(05/10/2017∼04/04/2018)
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