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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
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Artist Duan An Kow, Artist
Year 2010 Year
Category Sculpture Category
Size 56x22x22cm,Diameter18cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140062
Artist DUAN An-Kow used to be a beef vendor in the market. At the initial period of creation, he studied by himself and explored artistic creation by taking leather as his main material for carving techniques. Last year, he invented copper carving series and presented the diligent spirit of ordinary citizens in a realistic way. His work Chef presents the working figure of a chef with copper carving. The chef ties a towel on his forehead, takes a spatula in his left hand and a wok in his right hand, and wears an undershirt, apron, and slippers. It is not hard to imagine he has cooked for uncountable banquets in both weddings and funerals. The strong arms, beer belly, a little hump, and the thick and solid shoulder and neck represent the innocent and honest image of an ordinary citizen without caring about trifles. DUAN An-Kow’s experience of approaching ordinary citizens in the market in his early life grants his works a special emotion. Without purposeful beautification or decoration, he depicts the living attitudes and thoughts of ordinary citizens directly and records the true appearances of diligent ordinary citizens in Taiwan.
On loan(23/04/2017∼22/04/2018)
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