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My holiday in Taiwan
20140106My holiday in Taiwan:relative image
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My holiday in Taiwan
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My holiday in Taiwan
Artist Yi-Hsien Lee, Artist
Year 2014 Year
Category Photography Category
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Artwork Appreciation 20140106
Artist LEE Yi-Hsien is a professional photographer. He always shares the warmth and coolness of the society through his lens. His work My Holiday in Taiwan is composed of three photographs. He takes the daily special scenes in real life in Taiwan as his object for photography. The gloomy and barren landscapes with the unreasonable objects in the scene make his works express the surreal atmosphere. The scenes in the three photographs are the building landscape of Taiwanese attached buildings, the shore with lush growth of grass and sparsely populated, and the back door of a house next to the pond. The crowded aluminum windows, the windowsill crowded with miscellaneous articles, the large beach umbrella discarded on the shore, and the pond next to the house build the ordinary but special daily landscapes. Through the series of creation, LEE Yi-Hsien reveals the urban landscapes which will be never seen in the advertisements of travel agencies. For him, this is the real holiday landscape in Taiwan.
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