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The room
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The room
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The room
Artist YEH Hua, Artist
Year 2013 Year
Category Acrylic Painting Category
Size 91x116.5x5cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140185
YEH Hua uses flat, homogenous, and bright tones to compose spatial forms in super-realism artworks, creating richly layered three-dimensional spaces upon a two-dimensional canvas in an attempt to reconstruct the relationships between objects and our emotions. This work The Room, YEH Hua used a textured white canvas as the base and blocks of different colors and shapes as the material, constructing a supernatural realm divided into the foreground and the background. The foreground appears to be a room that has lost a wall and is decorated by a strange symbol embedded within the floor. Life forms with organic shapes hang from the ceiling, while a red colored door at the side hints at a passageway to the unknown world. The background shows three dark entrances, with one blocked by traffic cones to discourage access. These devices carry metaphorical annotations and have been employed by the artist to create a mysterious atmosphere, leading the viewers to reflect upon the nature of the space they live in and serving as a portrayal of his inner state of mind.
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