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Sun Moon Lake
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Sun Moon Lake
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Sun Moon Lake
Artist JEN Fu-Cheng, Artist
Year 2007 Year
Category Ink Painting Category
Size Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140200
CHENG Fu-Cheng grew up in Erlin Township of Changhua County. Erlin Township is a simple rustic town filled with art and culture, and provided CHENG Fu-Cheng with a wonderful natural world in which he grew up in. His works are therefore deeply affected by his childhood environment. In Sun Moon Lake, CHENG Fu-Cheng illustrates the beauteous landscape of Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. The artwork is fractionated and recombined, reflecting the CHENG Fu-Cheng’s Cubist approaches. Bright and conflicting color tones were applied to generate a mysterious yet alluring combination. CHENG Fu-Cheng has achieved a breakthrough of traditional watercolor and inks in this work, using simple, flowing lines, and layers to soothe the contrast between the warm and cool color tones. The result is a rhythmic sensation and a portrayal of the artist’s emotional expression rendered during the process of creation.
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