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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
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Artist HUANG WAN LING, Artist
Year 2010 Year
Category Printing Category
Size 30.5 x 747 cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140204
HUANG Wan-Ling is skilled in the use of ink painting and print as her creative media, and has released a series of works under the title Gongyangren where she incorporated the sights she has witnessed into subjects of her artistic sketches. In Traveler’s Log, HUANG Wan-Ling deliberately emulated the Dunhuang frescoes, engravings, and embossments to create a horizontal composition. The role of “the Ensconced Ones” was used to portray the pursuit for brands and fashion amongst people, a pursuit that HUANG Wan-Ling believes to be akin to spiritual acts that can be described as a “modern religion.” HUANG has studied the nature of ink painting and Xuan paper to create the effects of negative photographic images, using the artistic style to communicate the fragility of memories against the forces of time. HUANG Wan-Ling used paintings to provide her interpretation of various cultural phenomena in a world filled with photographs and to summarize the era which she grew up in.
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