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Mysterious Secret
20140215Mysterious Secret:relative image20140215Mysterious Secret:relative image
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Mysterious Secret
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Mysterious Secret
Artist Chang Chen-Kuei, Artist
Year 2013 Year
Category Watercolor Category
Size 55x78cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140215
CHANG Chen-Kuei is skilled in the use of watercolor to capture the various forms of clouds. Mysterious Secret is a work that presents Guishan Island shrouded in a thick blanket of heavy gray clouds covering most of the island, while an opening in the cloud reveals clear blue sky. By using smudging effects, the artist has showed the transient and enigmatic nature of clouds to offer a meticulous sketch that narrates the calm before the storm. CHANG Chen-Kuei’s mastery in watercolor makes it possible to create diverse presentations of water, wind, and clouds in different forms, allowing viewers to safely adopt a calm and meditative spirit in this rustic land.
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