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Range Safety
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Range Safety
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Range Safety
Artist Liu Chih-feng, Artist
Year 2013 Year
Category Printing Category
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Artwork Appreciation 20140238
LIU Chih-Feng is skilled in using print art to feature the various scenes of modern life. Range Safety is a composition of 12 separate panels depicting helmeted figures as the main subject within different themes. In each panel, the helmeted figure is shown moving about in isolation, sometimes standing with arms outstretched, and sometimes placing both hands on the knees, yet failing to interact with similar characters in other panels. LIU Chih-Feng has made use of these helmeted figures to depict the distance between people leading modern lifestyles. Everyone is wearing a helmet for protection that has rendered them blind and deaf to the surrounding world around, confining us to a superficially comfortable self-isolation.
On loan(24/02/2017∼23/02/2018)
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