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Wandering I
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Wandering I
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Wandering I
Artist LIU Chia-Wei, Artist
Year 2013 Year
Category Oil Painting Category
Size 112x145.5x2.5cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140259
LIU Chia-Wei is skilled at using lines, chains, natural clouds, and forests to interpret the definition of freedom. Wandering I depicts a dream-like vision of overcast skies and large areas of grayed woods. The gray surroundings make the patch of green colored trees illuminated by the sun at the center of the picture appear even more illusory. The fens in the woods to the right of the green colored woods seem to point towards distant lands, trailing the clouds and leading towards the horizon like a future illuminated by a bright future, waiting for our eventual arrival. This personal interpretation of nature created by LIU Chia-Wei expresses the fact that we could all free ourselves from our shackles by abandoning the prison of our minds and desires and achieve the realm of true liberty.
On loan(02/07/2018∼31/12/2018)
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