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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
20140265盲目的小圈圈:relative image
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Artist XU Hao-Yun, Artist
Year 2011 Year
Category Ink Painting Category
Size 69x120cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140265
XU Hao-Yun is a skilled ink painter, and most of her works portray dream-like landscapes detached from the real world as a metaphor of interpersonal relationships. Blind Small Circle illustrates a lizard named Xiao Yao (Imp) with a brilliantly colored tail. Surrounding plants have their leaves outstretched in a relaxed form. Circular fungi bodies of pink and red hues also add to the splendor of the composition. The artist uses this artwork to illustrate the relationship between individuals and to go beyond blind adherence to artistic conventions. Insects would not become the main subject for their gargantuan sizes, and plants would not become accessories due to their diminutive scales. The resulting composition metaphorically refers to real interpersonal relationships where anyone can either be the protagonist or a bystander.
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