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Discreteness and Obsession on Earth1
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Discreteness and Obsession on Earth1
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Discreteness and Obsession on Earth1
Artist Artist
Year 2012 Year
Category Ink Painting Category
Size 222x135cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140315
CHAO I-Lin, a Chinese-ink artist, uses people as her creative subjects and has been enlightened by the philosophies of Zhuang Zi and Zen. She believes that interpersonal relationships lie somewhere between the two extremes of togetherness and separation, providing the artistic inspiration of the Discreteness and Obsession series. In Discreteness and Obsession on Earth 1, CHAO I-Lin presents a journey of life marked by gatherings and separations and a touch of “playfulness” contained within. CHAO I-Lin observes that people have always pursued spiritual freedom, yet are unable to live apart from others, forcing them to remold their nature in society. CHAO I-Lin has thus taken the human form and converted them into lines, using burning paper, collages, and other unique techniques to generate crisscrossing and intertwining lines upon the canvas. The patterns symbolize the mutual dependence and interaction between living beings. Ink blooms were added to blur the outlines of the characters, hinting to the fact that relationships between individuals are sometimes separate and sometimes intertwined, generating greater tension and storytelling elements within the artistic space.
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