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Fall in Free
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Fall in Free
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Fall in Free
Artist LIN Yi-Pei, Artist
Year 2014 Year
Category Acrylic Painting Category
Size 65x50x2cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140400
LIN Yi-Pei utilizes the process of drawing and illustration to generate an alien theme where realistic elements are overlapped with imaginary images in order to convey emotional responses to her surroundings. LIN Yi Pei’s Fall in Free shows a gray diving stand suspended in mid-air upon a light gray background. A female figure is shown diving into the round pool at the bottom of the diving stand. Instead of blue waters, this pool is covered by a green grassy plain. By depicting this irrational and alien setting upon the canvas, LIN Yi-Pei presents an isolated and intangible atmosphere of industrialized societies, simulating the sensation of loss experienced as one comes face to face with a realistic world that shatters their fantasies.
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