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The lost residences/microscopic world
20140481The lost residences/microscopic world:relative image
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The lost residences/microscopic world
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The lost residences/microscopic world
Artist CHEN Yen-Hsi, Artist
Year 2013 Year
Category Printing Category
Size 115x65cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140481
CHEN Yen-His is skilled in print and The Lost Residences / Microscopic World has placed two contrasting images against each other. One of the paintings depicts tightly packed row houses with a dark, imposing ink tone that generates an anxious and nervous atmosphere, while the other shows a bonsai on a balcony against a metal grating background. CHEN Yen-His is concerned with astronomical housing prices. Homes, once a residential necessity, are now considered a freely traded commodity controlled by moneyed interests. To many people, owning their own houses has now become an impossible dream. When contrasted with the 1970s and 1980s where every household was able to build their own multistoried house, modern Taiwan has now become a twisted and struggling irony like the Bonsai on the right. In this work, CHEN Yen-His demonstrated his mastery in print, using interlocking depressions and elevated blocks to create a powerful visual composition to convey the shattering of people’s dreams of owning a place to live and enjoying a good life from hard work.
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