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Sway space series
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Sway space series
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Sway space series
Artist PAN Meng-Yao, Artist
Year 2013 Year
Category Printing Category
Size 79 x 110 cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140509
PAN Meng-Yao studied print art in Spain and his works have integrated Eastern ink painting brush strokes within the vocabulary of print art, generating artworks that feature bold strokes and alternative aesthetics. Sway Space Series-1 is another bold attempt in innovative and technical breakthroughs. The artist utilized plastic materials as the base instead of traditional metal and wood as plastics proved easier to cut and reassemble. For example, plastic materials would form a distinctive white line after pressing or cutting which could then be used to dissect the composition. The plastic plate was therefore formed into the relevant blocks which were then painted over with red and yellow tones. Interactions between colored and uncolored blocks create a contrast of realistic and surreal elements. For the techniques applied, PAN Meng-Yao integrated ink painting with print art, generously employing linear textures and shade effects exclusive to ink painting within rhythmic graffiti-like strokes to enhance the malleability and add interest features of the resulting artwork.
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