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Between the dotted lines - red tape
20140527Between the dotted lines - red tape:relative image
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Between the dotted lines - red tape
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Between the dotted lines - red tape
Artist Liou Jen-Shing, Artist
Year 2011 Year
Category Ink Painting Category
Size 69x69cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20140527
LIOU Jenn-Shing uses Shanshui painting and calligraphy as his creative media. Recently, his works have focused upon abstract expressionism that incorporates a number of humanist and realist elements, employing traditional brushstrokes in order to express his admiration towards life and nature. In Between the Dotted Lines – Red Tape, LIOU Jenn-Shing isolated two calligraphic elements of the dot and stroke from actual words and re-assembled them to create an image with non-obvious meanings. By covering the canvas with dots and strokes, the artist has created a dense living network with lines carousing freely across the canvas in a carefully arranged pattern. The thicknesses, lengths, weights, and gaps of the brushstrokes express the artist’s innermost emotions during the process of artistic creation. The repetitive creation process allowed LIOU Jenn-Shing to use traditional approaches to provide a truthful portrayal of his lifelong experiences and feelings as well as the spirit and essence of modern art.
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