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Ponso no Tao(2)A
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Ponso no Tao(2)A
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Ponso no Tao(2)A
Artist SU Chih-Wei, Artist
Year 2014 Year
Category Printing Category
Size 116x70.5cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20150052
SU Chih-Wei’s woodcuts often present unique local cultures and folk traditions in Taiwan. Ponso no Tao(2)A illustrated Lanyu, the Orchid Islands and southern jewel of Taiwan that lies at its southeastern corner. Ponso no Tao means Island of Men in the language of the Tao people. The work shows several two-men canoes of the Tao painted in bright colors of red, white, and black while the tips of the arching prows and bows are decorated with chicken feathers. The canoes are beached upon the pebbled shore, while Tao warriors with bronze-colored skin and dressed in their traditional attire assume poses that highlight their might and strength. Su Zhiwei used bright colors and lines to illustrate the rustic and simple indigenous cultures of Lanyu as well as the beautiful sceneries of the island.
On loan(02/07/2018∼31/12/2018)
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