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2 Zhuan Falun
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2 Zhuan Falun
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2 Zhuan Falun
Artist Cheng, Cheng-Huang, Artist
Year 2014 Year
Category Ink Painting Category
Size 47.5x200 Size
Artwork Appreciation 20150071
CHENG Cheng-Huang’s 2 Zhuan Falun shows a unique landscape feature that resembles those created by traditional landscape paintings. The work is an interpretation of the abstract mental state that exists in the world. Instead of using paper, charcoal was rubbed onto the wood to create a shimmering wooden texture. Woodcuts and knife marks decorate the background to create trails where wood patterns merge with ink to create a realistic, three-dimensional effect. Intricate brushstrokes are stacked to create sand dunes that appear like spreading waves. Viewers are taken along a dive into a deep and dark time tunnel to experience the serene and carefree nature of the Eastern universe. CHENG Cheng-Huang employed meticulous ink brushing techniques to create a majestic landscape of vast oceans and skies with the spiritual rhythms of the spiritual void, conveying the unique messages of Zen Buddhism and the spiritual landscape of his inner enlightenment.
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