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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
20150082Gasholder:relative image
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Artist YANG,Zi-Yi, Artist
Year 2012 Year
Category Eastern Gouache Category
Size 66x140.5x3.5cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20150082
YANG Zi-Yi’s works are filled with a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere, using spatial and temporal contrast between modern elements and ancient backgrounds to create a unique vision of a future where human development was taken to the extremes. Gasholder shows a composition of a mysterious mountainscape with dark skies, rugged, purple-colored mountains, leaves that appear like white puffs of smoke, and green-colored rivers. The giant, spherical gasholder tank seated in the middle of this oddly colored landscape appears more like an abandoned ruin subject to the forces of time as nature surrounds the facility to reclaim the devastated land.
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