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Time in Static
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Time in Static
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Time in Static
Artist WEN Meng-Yu, Artist
Year 2014 Year
Category Acrylic Painting Category
Size 80x120x5.3cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20150157
WEN Meng-Yu converts and repackages personal experience into a serene space between the realms of reality and fantasy, leading viewers into enjoying the rich emotions provided by the composition. Artworks are used as a means of recording aspects of everyday life. Everyday scenes are broken down into pieces while all human elements were removed. These fragments were then re-assembled into a surreal setting. Time in Static incorporated a scenery seen outside the window and incorporated it as part of the indoor furnishings. The interior space included 2 doorframes that correspond with each other to build a unique personal experience by converting them into neat, geometric forms.
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