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The Dust of Mermans
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The Dust of Mermans
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The Dust of Mermans
Artist Ou, jing yun, Artist
Year 2012 Year
Category Acrylic Painting Category
Size 72.5x91x5 Size
Artwork Appreciation 20150203
OU Jing-Yun’s The Dust of Mermans is a brilliantly colored and dream-like composition that depicts a world of luxury and corruption. The seawater in the composition is mixed with the fantastic, fire-like colors. Four similar-looking and fashionable youths are performing different activities in the sea. One wears an empty looking expression while chewing away at a flower. The other has his head bowed in contemplation while carrying a mirror. The third held a gemstone in his teeth while swimming. The last one is trudging onwards while dragging along his pet. OU Jing-Yun made use of dream-like and surreal narratives in order to create a human utopia that encompasses human dissipation and desires.
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