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Distance Between You and I
20150263Distance Between You and I:relative image20150263Distance Between You and I:relative image
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Distance Between You and I
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Distance Between You and I
Artist You Ning Liang, Artist
Year 2013 Year
Category Mixed Media Category
Size 60.5x61 Size
Artwork Appreciation 20150263
LIANG You-Ning uses fine strands of hair as an artistic element in his artwork to convey inner contradictions that also serve as a critique and imagination of the outside world. Distance between You and I shows two figurative individuals with no distinct features who seem to be hugging and tugging each other. The two are connected to each other by their entangled hair that also covered their faces, symbolizing an intimate yet isolated state of conflicting emotions. The artist hopes that this work is able to convey the people’s inner desires for company as well as privacy at the same time, highlighting the tension and intimacy that exist between individuals.
On loan(01/10/2017∼01/12/2017)
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