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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
Improvement Area
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Improvement Area
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Improvement Area
Artist Lin yuting, Artist
Year 2012 Year
Category Photography Category
Size 96.5x127x3cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20150338
LIN Yu-Ting is skilled in using the soft and moldable nature of butter clay, transforming cakes that resemble familiar buildings. Improvement Area features a typical Taiwanese apartment with iron-grated windows and corrugated roof to form a construction element of the Tiramisu cake. The cross section of the cake was deliberately exhibited in order to showcase the wall surfaces and flooring of the house that may be exposed during urban replanning. LIN Yu-Ting created these cakes in order to build connections between our senses of sight and taste, recreating the sweet coziness provided by our homes that also serve as a documented record of urban changes and evolution, providing viewers with a moment that can be reminisced repeatedly.
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