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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
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Artist SHIU Tzu-Kuan, Artist
Year 2007 Year
Category Ink Painting Category
Size 240x240cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20160012
SHIU Tzu-Kuan’s ink painting Humble is based upon the story behind A Eulogy to Crocodiles written by Han Yu. Han Yu believes that crocodiles are sentient beings capable of understanding, and thus wrote this eulogy and burnt it as an offering in an attempt to command the crocodiles to head further south and retreat from the presence of a viceroy appointed by the emperor. The crocodiles, in response, left the place for good. SHIU Tzu-Kuan used this story as a source of inspiration and illustrated a Traditional Chinese herb shop with giant crocodiles walking around the place. Other creatures from the sea, land, and air can also be seen in the shop. Why did these animals come back? Are they here to look for their kin who have been made into Chinese herbs? Or are they here to subject themselves to mankind’s control? SHIU Tzu-Kuan used this fable as a metaphor to contemplate the methods and means by which people make use of the natural world and its resources.
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