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Luoyang's Land
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Luoyang's Land
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Luoyang's Land
Artist CHANG Chung-Fan, Artist
Year 2014 Year
Category Oil Painting Category
Size 65 x 55 x 4 cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20160039
CHANG Chung-Fang’s Luoyang’s Land is a landscape work and part of her Kite Series. The artist uses a unique logic to create artificial colors in a figurative landscape that connects to our current social environment. The kite-shaped trapezium canvas contains uniquely formed rocks covered in an eerie and unnatural blue. The spaces beyond the rocks are filled with a graded hue ranging from neon yellow to pink. CHANG Chung-Fang portrayed artificial colors as an invader to create a visual metaphor of a problematic and oppressive reality. The visual tension generated between the natural landscape and artificial colors provide a poetic atmosphere, challenging a viewer to take upon the discomforting experience of art appreciation.
On loan(01/08/2017∼31/07/2018)
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