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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
20160097Butterfly:relative image
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Artist HSU Wei-Ying, Artist
Year 2014 Year
Category Printing Category
Size 70x70cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20160097
HSU Wei-Ying’s panel artwork exhibits an eastern style and presents a gentle, and detailed atmosphere. Butterfly provides a soothing and elegant composition depicting a young maiden wearing a bird’s nest on her head and a pure, white gown. The maiden wears little expression, and lies alone in a dry, wilting land with only a butterfly keeping her company. The bird nest symbolizes home, and wearing the nest represents her intent to bear the responsibility of homebuilding. Her pure, white gown was actually an area left blank in the drawing, and the sojourn of the lonely maiden represents her worldly ties, the fact of being forgotten, and eventual fate for everyone to return to the embraces of nature. HSU Wei-Ying blends people and natural elements, leading viewers along a reflective journey about the spirit and meaning of life.
On loan(13/01/2017∼12/01/2018)
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