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Cherry&Japanese Grosbeak-Red
20160119Cherry&Japanese Grosbeak-Red:relative image
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Cherry&Japanese Grosbeak-Red
Artist Su Meng-Hung, Artist
Year 2014 Year
Category Printing Category
Size 99.8 x 69.5 cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20160119
SU Meng-Hung’s Cherry & Japanese Grosbeak-Red is based on a classical Chinese palace painting of birds and flowers by the Qing Dynasty painter Giuseppe Castiglione, converting the classical painting into a brilliantly colored but jarring visual image. The originally blank background is now covered by a bright-red background of petals, while all the technical brushstrokes and colors are replaced with saturated yet flat hues, creating a cultural symbol that only seeks to excite the senses. By using the bright yet kitsch elements of pop art to copy and convert traditional works, SU Meng-Hung found that even garish colors can be used to achieve a unique sense of elegance.
On loan(11/04/2017∼10/04/2018)
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