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Gymnast Daily 2.3.4
20160157Gymnast Daily 2.3.4:relative image20160157Gymnast Daily 2.3.4:relative image20160157Gymnast Daily 2.3.4:relative image20160157Gymnast Daily 2.3.4:relative image
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Gymnast Daily 2.3.4
Artist yu chia chang, Artist
Year 2016 Year
Category Mixed Media Category
Size 86x86x5cm Dimension Variable Size
Artwork Appreciation 20160157
CHANG Yu-Chia’s Gymnast Daily.2.3.4 is a glue painting that portrays gymnastics and how it relates to various situations of life. Male gymnasts are shown performing various moves in the presence of animals randomly introduced into the scene. A gibbon and a mandrill, natural experts in the bars, are having fun while the gymnast exercises on the bars. For the balancing beam and pommel horse, the equipment is replaced with a rhinoceros and a fish with legs. Gymnastics performance is graded by judges, just like many things in our daily lives where accomplishments could only be obtained with the acknowledgment of other people. CHANG Yu-Chia uses a humorous vocabulary to create a surreal depiction of the daily life of a young male gymnast and to convey various encounters in life that cannot be described with words.
On loan(15/09/2017∼14/09/2018)
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