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His Beauty Only Lasted Till Last Night 02
20160214SCENE.OBJECT 3:relative image20160214SCENE.OBJECT 3:relative image20160214SCENE.OBJECT 3:relative image20160214SCENE.OBJECT 3:relative image
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Artist YEH Yi-Li, Artist
Year 2015 Year
Category Sculpture Category
Size 56x32x32cm Size
Artwork Appreciation 20160214
YEH Yi-Li’s creations often adopt mass culture as inspiration in her artistic explorations. Scene.Object 3 is a traditional landscape artwork created using porcelain with enamel paintings of pine trees, stones, and wild flowers. The work also contains flowers, birds, people, trees, and rocks built with toy bricks, creating an artificial reconstruction of natural landscapes assembled from beauteous moments of her memories. To YEH Yi-Li, wonderful images in mind contradict reality and provide a safe refuge. The landscape frozen in time is assembled from various elements in an attempt to capture the ephemeral moments of nature, objects, and people and also as a reminiscence of the past.
On loan(06/11/2017∼31/12/2018)
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