Art Authorization
No matter what your needs, from looking for artwork to exhibit or curating a themed exhibition or seeking authorization to use images, we can provide you with professional advice. Together, we can apply art into living spaces, and bring creative energy and positive image in daily life.
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Silent Scene March 16-29, 2018
All beings coexist with nature, and there is no isolated existence in the natural world; the supply and demand are closely tied as mentioned in Rachel Carson&r...
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Meet Taiwan Contemporary Art at Twin Oaks
A place of history and poetry, Twin Oaks Estate plays a crucial role in US-Taiwan diplomatic relations. The 130-year-old architectural space speaks of elegance...
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What do you see?
Human beings determine their reality through sight and language. Through seeing we verify our existence in the real world; through language, we interpret all t...
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Between Art and Mathematics: Decoding the Artworks
Let no man who is not a Mathematician reads the elements of my work.-Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519Art is a creative way to express personal feelings featured un...
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Housing is a basic material need of human survival. People build and live in buildings in order to have safer and more comfortable dwelling places. “Buil...