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Line Between Body and Space
KUO Chia-Ling
NO. 20180243
Year 2014
Max Size
單件尺寸分別為41x22x26cm, 41x22x26cm, 38x21x26cm
Artwork Appreciation
KUO Chia-Ling often uses physical behavior as a medium to convey a psychologically sensory experience. In the work, Line Between Body and Space, she uses her body as a model, takes the area below the neck and above the chest line, and reproduces three bodies with different postures. The white bodies are hung from the ground with thin lines, and the sides of the shoulder lines are embedded with maroon leather ropes. Three lines of white lights are projected from the top onto the bodies, causing light and shadow changes on the bodies and making the leather ropes a baseline between the bodies and the space. The black shadow on the ground becomes a black block of paint of asexual bodies. KUO Chia-Ling uses partial displays of a body to enlarge and condense her own imagination of the body.