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  • Sunrise Picture,Total:1
CHIEN Chih-Kang,
NO. 20180253
Ink Painting
Year 2017
Max Size
Artwork Appreciation
The ink paintings by CHIEN Chih-Kang revolve around the exploration of the care and meaning of life. The work, Sunrise, is one of the creations from the series "He Mountain. Silence". It is mainly showing people’s collective state of unhappiness and frustration living in a big environment. The bright red color flows and collides with the water in the picture, intertwining into an abstract landscape. The distant sun is preparing to rise in the morning fog. CHIEN Chih-Kang transforms the negative energy into animals and rocks that hide in the mountains and clouds and become a part of the environment. He tries to combine the techniques and concepts of Eastern and Western paintings to give ink painting new meanings and to embody the ideas of Taoism and nature.