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Lake Stone
NO. 20180252
Eastern Gouache
Year 2016
Max Size
164.4 x 94 x 5.4 cm
Artwork Appreciation
HSIAO Po-Chun often uses the theme of Eastern Buddhism as a source of inspiration for his creation. In the work, Lake Stone, there is a mythical beast in the universe-like space with huge columns of water coming out from its mouth to support the huge rocks and mountains in the picture. The mountains and rocks are surrounded by golden clouds and interspersed with fine jewelry and necklaces. HSIAO Po-Chun combines popular and fashionable elements into paintings with religious elements, trying to create conflicting feelings between materials and spiritual worship and reflecting a spectacle of people’s beliefs in religion. He hopes to create the accumulating, flowing, and overlapping texture through the diverse characteristics of gouache, breaking the boundaries of the material of the medium and creating a new creative vocabulary.