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2016/04/13 Exhibition

      In an age of excessive knowledge, technology, and media, do we still have our senses and are they still sharp?
      Entering its fourth year, “Art Bank, Taiwan” continues to contemplate on the ideal states of “art,” “people,” and “living space,” to better respond to contemporary society. Demands for art are derived from diversity of the age: focus on people, space as stage, and observations and interpretations through the different perspectives of men, artworks, creators, living spaces, and viewers. To stretch its uniqueness, Art Bank penetrates living spaces through various means. By facilitating the circulation of artworks in its collection, Art Bank hopes that the integration of people and space, new and old, traditions and future, and private spaces and public environment in everyday life, can enable everyone to experience the “immersive” art environment and wonderful lifestyle.

       Senses need to be saved. Art is inspired through senses and experiences. The exhibition focuses on experiences of all five senses and combines different brands and disciplines to not only enable viewers to admire the works with their eyes, but also to stimulate all other senses so that they feel as if they were within the artworks, and be profoundly affected by the energy of art. The exhibition creates art experience of all senses through five sections: “See! Our Out-of-Focus Age,” “Listen! Behind the Slight Sounds,” “Taste! Must-Have Wonderful Memories,” “Touch! Unknown Amazing Creativity,” and “Smell! Memory Scents of Life.”

Listen! Behind the Slight Sounds
Listen to art. Tell stories. Wang Wei-chung takes us on a journey to explore and probe art behind the voiceless artworks.

Taste! Must-Have Wonderful Memories
Can tastes and memories overlap and exchange to help conjure up more wonderful memories?

Touch! Unknown Amazing Creativity
Please touch! Objects full of creativity derived from art.

Smell! Memory Scents of Life
Art Bank cross-sector cooperates with Scent Library. You can smell the scent of art by feeling of olfaction.

LI Cheng-HsunChou Ching-HuiLin yu-TingShih Ju-HsuanYuan Goang-MingChen Huan-Chen
Chen Yun-JuHuang Fa-ChengLiao Yu-AnLiu Chih-FengCai Shih-HongLai Yi-ChihSu Tzu-Han