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Artwork leasing creates surprise encounters in ordinary spaces for everyone as they go about their daily lives. Not only does art make spaces more beautiful, but we also believe that they can enhance people’s creativity and productivity, while lowering stress. Art Bank Taiwan is your best choice when it comes to strengthening corporate image or to showing a team’s unique style. Please follow the steps below to start your leasing now.
Art Rental Procedure
01 Lease Application

Submit an inquiry with your favorite artworks, add them to your “wish list”, or simply call us to take the first step to leasing artwork.

Step 1:Lease Application
02 Art Consultation

We offer flexible leasing periods and a professional consultation team that can help you throughout the process, from preliminary negotiations to customized on-site assessment and exhibition planning.

Step 2:Art Consultation
03 Choosing Artworks

Let us know what your needs are, and we will make a customized plan just for you, regardless of the style of artworks you like. You can either choose the artwork yourself or ask us for a recommendation. With a simple reservation, you can come to Art Bank and see the original pieces.

Step 3:Choosing Artworks
04 Signing the Contract(s)

As soon as you have decided which artwork(s) you wish to lease and agree to the artwork fee, we will proceed to sign the contract(s), take out insurance, and charge the necessary fees (including the leasing fee and the service fee).

Step 4:Signing the Contract(s)
05 Packing, Transportation, Set-up and Dismantling

From packing and transportation to getting your artwork on the wall, our professional exhibition team is here to make sure every step is carried out with the highest standards to get your artwork in the perfect spot.

Step 5:Packing, Transportation, Set-up and Dismantling
Government agencies, private companies, and corporate bodies are eligible to lease artworks from the Art Bank. The natural person (individual) is currently not eligible.
Lease and Fees

In addition to the artwork leasing fee, Taiwan Art Bank can help you handle the transportation and insurance matters for a fee.

Rental Charges:
1.Lease is set at 0.4% of the artwork price.
2.1-month base unit and leases less than a month shall count as 1 month.
3.Lease formula: Artwork price x 0.4% x Lease period (months)

*In general, the relevant artwork leasing costs include an artwork insurance fee, packaging, transportation, and exhibition setting up (and dismantling) costs.

*Coordinate with rental needs, such as space reconstruction required by the lessee, graphic or space planning designs, and thematic curation (which shall be the responsibility of in-house curator or an externally recruited curator), the costs of which shall be additionally calculated according to the actual conditions.

Fee Example 1:

Ming, who has a studio in Taichung, wishes to lease an artwork that he saw on the Art Bank website (which was originally purchased for $ 600,000 NTD) for half a year.
After evaluating the space and checking the artwork, the leasing fee and service fee are calculated as:

Leasing fee

$600,000(NTD) x0.4%x6(months) =$14,400(NTD)

Relevant artwork leasing costs

Artwork insurance fee is $3,000 NTD (subject to change depending on the total value of the artwork and space conditions; this surcharge is a floating rate)

Transportation (to-and-fro), set-up, and dismantling (2 persons): $7000x2=$14,000NTD
(subject to change depending on the number of artwork pieces, distance of transportation, and the difficulty of set-up and dismantling; this surcharge is a floating rate)

The total lease price is $31,400 NTD.

Can we lease pieces of the artwork acquisition abroad?
Yes, we are keen to promote Taiwanese artists abroad. The charges will depend on specific cases. Please contact us for more information.
Can I personally lease an artwork for my own home?
Currently the Art Bank does not accept applications from the natural person (individual).
What is a suitable site & space for the artwork?
To protect the quality and security of the artwork on display, the indoor public spaces without direct/indirect contact with extreme weathers or environments is required. Basic air conditioning with supervision or monitoring system is recommended.
How do you ensure the artwork‘s security while exhibited in my space?
All artworks will be set up and dismantled by professional exhibition personnel that ensure their security during exhibition. That being said , the lessee is also responsible for looking after the artworks. Please keep an eye on the artworks during exhibition and prevent people from touching the work on purpose. We also suggest that the lessee buy general artwork insurance (wall-to-wall insurance) to safeguard not only the artworks but also both parties’ interests. In the case that any abnormal circumstance arises, please contact us immediately so that we can handle it.
What should I do if the artwork is stolen or sabotaged?
In case of theft or sabotage, the person involved in the theft or sabotage is liable for compensation. If said person cannot be reached, the lessee is responsible for compensation. When such an incident occurs, we suggest immediately making contact and a photo record of the person involved in the theft or sabotage or retrieving surveillance camera images. If such an incident involves insurance compensation, please follow the relevant rules as prescribed by general artwork insurance.
I like an artwork at Taiwan Art Bank. Can I buy it?
All artworks purchased by Art Bank Taiwan are national properties and cannot be resold. However, we can introduce you to the artists so that you can have the chance to buy one of their other artworks.