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Tower of Babel
Author WU Yu-Lun,
NO. 20180015
Category Oil Painting
Max Size 96.8 x 178.6 x ...
Year 2017
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
WU Yu-Lun has a keen insight in presenting still objects in a surreal way. The work Tower of Babel attempts to explore the issue of environmental habitation from an aesthetic perspective in an industrial style. The building under construction rises high from the ground and is surrounded by giant machineries; the machineries hold up their robotic arms that are moving back and forth, much like a giant monster born with the development of civilization; there are even several planes passing through the sky. In the Bible, the tower of Babel refers to the origin of different human languages and the cradle of civilization. WU Yu-Lun uses the metaphor Bible stories, contemplates the living environment under the phenomenon of modern humans luxury consumerism, and puts forward the viewpoints and criticisms of a young artist.