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NO. 20170145
Category Printing
Max Size 112.4 x 140 x 4...
Year 2015
Artwork Appreciation
TSAI Meng-Hsia’s Search uses the image of cats to create a fantasy realm of overlapping temporal dimensions with the subsumed hues symbolizing a fading mind. The black-colored space presents a dimming mind. Gothic window grilles are duplicated across the sections and are either displayed in them entirety or only in parts. The dissected and assembled spaces resemble the montage of memory. The cats, on the other hand, leap and travel across different sections of the composition with their lovely and flexible forms, serving as a way for the artist to reminisce about happy moments during childhood spend together with cats. TSAI Meng-Hsia regards cats as a vector for remembrance and emotions and uses them to create a sad yearning for childhood experiences. Imaginations are used as elements for building a fantasy nested in both the real and virtual worlds.