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You Can’t Talk with Other People
KUO Chia-Ling
NO. 20180245
New Media and Installation Art
Year 2014
Max Size
Artwork Appreciation
KUO Chia-Ling's creation often uses physical behavior as the medium. She uses a form of behavioral recording to expand the visual image and convey the psychological perception. The work, You Can’t Talk with Other People, is part of the "Red Lip" series that she has been working on since 2006. In the picture, a mouth with red lips is reading a sentence taken from a narrative of an event in the life of the artist. The content consists of the words spoken by a criminal on the phone with the mother. Since the content of the conversation occupies a critical position in the event, the body of the person involved in this event changes with the receiving of the message. Through this work, KUO Chia-Ling uses the mouth as a metaphor for message reception to express the specific gesture in which a subject conveys a message.