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The most beautiful flaws
Author TU Chih-Wei,
NO. 20140030
Category Eastern Gouache
Max Size 74 x 122 x 5 cm
Year 2012
Artwork Appreciation
TU Chih-Wei uses traditional Chinese ink and eastern gouache as her medium to create a pattern for modern ink painting. Her paintings have a youthful character and show a special concern for the environment and for people. She portrays landscape scenes that fit in between the fictitious and the real, telling us of life's constant changes and impermanence. In The Most Beautiful Flaws the center of the painting is a large grassy area. Unusually, on the grass a row of public chairs is set up and there are two separate people lying on the ground with numbered labels. At the top of the picture a group of people seem to be happily enjoying a rotating amusement ride. A careful look at the grassy area shows it surrounded by a huge white curtain. On the left there is a person climbing a rope attached to the curtain rod, as if trying to escape to the world beyond the curtain. The artist has constructed an everyday landscape with story elements, with flaws, that makes no common sense and is very weird, exposing the nothingness of the illusion of the beautiful life.