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Distracted Life Journal No.2
Liao Yu-An,
NO. 20140210
Acrylic Painting
Year 2012
Max Size
161.7 x 130 x 4.8 cm
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LIAO Yu-An uses personal imageries and psychological states as the creative theme for his caricatures of social lifestyles and intrapersonal relationships. Distracted Life Journal No. 2 depicts an ordinary bathroom, except that the rubber duckling, bath towels, and mop have been given an irrational spatial perspective to create a unique atmosphere. The main subject of this painting is a figure with a purple-colored body with a bucket over its head, cellphone in its hand, and adopting an unnatural-looking, warped, twisted, limp, and stiff posture. LIAO Yu-An used this artwork to investigate the modern lifestyle and its modern technology, conveying the internal emptiness of modern individuals and evoking similar experiences amongst the viewers at the same time.