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The Field on the Hills
LIN Hsin-Yuan
NO. 20180240
Year 2018
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Artwork Appreciation
LIN Shin-Yuan's print, Hills the River Ridge, uses the colors black and white as its base. The background of the picture is a vast landscape of a field with a winding trail and a small land temple built under the shade of the trees. Two wrinkled faces of old people appear in the picture with blooming pineapple leaves on their heads. LIN Shin-Yuan uses land, old people, and pineapples to symbolize the close relationship between Taiwanese old farmers and the land. He believes that old farmers can find the dreams in life through planting crops, and it is a language of life. Even though there is no bright color, it reveals the meaning of life that depends on their dreams, allowing people to recognize the persistence and efforts behind dreams and witness their sincere attitude.