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Other Works(No. 135-2)
No. 135-1
Tsou Hsiang Hsiang
NO. 20180250
Oil Painting
Year 2017
Max Size
Artwork Appreciation
TSOU Hsiang-Hsiang’s work, No.135-1, comes from the "Others" series. It attempts to explore the wave of Western architectural styles that have emerged in Taiwan since the 1960s. A scene of a common residence in Taiwan is depicted in the picture. Outside the metal fencing, there is an artifical landscape mixed with Western classical sculptures, creating a strong contrast with the surrounding Taiwanese buildings and forming a so-called "Taiwanese exotic" style. TSOU Hsiang-Hsiang wants to use a flowing brushstroke to create a real-time sensation similar to sketching, making the seemingly mixed scene to produce a harmonious tonality and showing the real impression of the residence between reality and memory.