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My Dog Eyes Go Blind
Author Huang Chun-Che,
NO. 20140280
Category Oil Painting
Max Size 93.8 x 119.5 x ...
Year 2012
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Chun-Che uses outlandish social rules combined with modernist approaches as a means of self-reflection we experience when facing the real world surrounding us. My Dog Eyes Go Blind depicts four well-contrasted dog-headed human forms wearing suits with clear lines and colors. The dog-headed individuals have placed their left hands on the shoulder of the person in front of them. None of them have eyes, with the one leading at the front armed with a blind man’s stick to guide everyone onwards. In this work, HUANG Chun-Che reflects his observations of life and human relationships, truthfully depicting our journeys to achieve dreams of self-realization with our friends.