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Heterogeneous Scene - The same Ideology, Different Ideology
Author CHU Shu-Chi
NO. 20180014
Category Oil Painting
Max Size 131.5 x 164.8 x...
Year 2018
Artwork Appreciation
CHU Shu-Chi is skilled at using figurative realism as the basis for presentation, and through realistic texturing and processing, he creates a surreal image. Heterogeneous Scene –– The Same Ideology, Different Ideology is a creation from his Heterogeneous Scene series. The cactus in the picture is like a strange, giant building; on the rising stems, the red ladybugs gather in groups on their own respective tips. For CHU Shu-Chi, the cactus is like a complete world and this world is a land full of thorns. The clustered ladybugs metaphorize the living groups with the same consciousness and collective behavior, moving forward in multiple directions with a goal in mind. CHU Shu-Chi uses biological creatures as a symbol and reflection of the human society, reflecting the behavior of human society and exploring the concepts of "reunion" and "group”.