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Red Lip Exercise
KUO Chia-Ling
NO. 20180244
New Media and Installation Art
Year 2014
Max Size
Artwork Appreciation
KUO Chia-Ling's creation often uses physical behavior as the medium. She uses a form of behavioral recording to expand the visual image and convey the psychological perception. In the work, Read Lip Exercise, she takes four delicately painted red lips and records the movements of the lips in conjunction with reading the National Health Exercises. Finally, these four groups of images are pasted onto the same picture. These four seemingly identical lips actually belong to different bodies. Through this mode of production, KUO Chia-Ling creates a virtual action field and adds in timing elements that seem simultaneous but are in fact happening at a different time. She tries to manage the virtual state that the body undergoes between message reception and experience recalling in the field of speech.