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Author Yen, yu-ting
NO. 20170154
Category Eastern Gouache
Max Size 209 x 88 x 3.3 ...
Year 2016
Artwork Appreciation
YEN Yu-Ting uses traditional glue painting to showcase the absurdity of modern social issues and phenomena. Private gardens and menageries owned by nobles for the purpose of leisure and hunting are often used as the basis to capture and convert fragments of everyday scenes and memories into images. Love&Peace&Shit shows a group of people clad in swimming suits on a swan-shaped love boat on a lake tour. Doves, traditionally regarded as the symbol of peace, are seeing flying overhead while unloading bombs at the boat, fundamentally changing the fun-loving nature of the composition. YEN Yu-Ting creates a superficial world of material joy narrating an emotional tale of the spiritually disconnected nature of modern life.