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The Piggy Song
Author CHEN I-Chun,
NO. 20180184
Category New Media and Installation Art
Max Size 8'
Year 2013
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN I-Chun uses videography, experimental animation, and interactive arts as the main creative medium. She has long been concerned with social issues involving industry, middle and lower classes, and folktales. She uses poetic images to carry personal experiences between reality and illusion. The work, The Piggy Song, uses collages to depict issues such as modern industrial pollution, illegal private slaughterhouses, and sick pigs. The name of the work, The Piggy Song, is derived from the idiom "qu shui liu shang", which originally refers to the game people used to play by the curved water canal when drinking. Nowadays, there is no such fun by the shore. Instead, it has been replaced industrial sewage or the dead bodies of sick animals. CHEN I-Chun uses this allegory, that people only think about the meat they are eating when the news report large casualties of the pigs, to mock whether such deliciousness is too delusional.