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Taoliving-Summer Storm
Author LAI Yu-Cheng
NO. 20180076
Category Oil Painting
Max Size 145.2 x 145.2 x...
Year 2016
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LAI Yu-Cheng’s creation tries to explore the crisis and hidden concerns behind the gorgeous appearance. The Taoliving series explores the heart of primitive humans and the way of survival in a world of flowers. In the work, Taoliving-Summer Storm, there is a sexy bikini girl, pet dogs, a rising rocket in the distance, and parallelly arranged planets. Tropical cocktails, donuts, jewelry, playing cards, gambling coins, and other items are scattered around. All kinds of unrelated objects are all products of the world of flowers. They are arranged in an elegant fashion to form a surreal collection of collages. LAI Yu-Cheng creates a picture full of materials, describing human beings who constantly pursue development to construct a colorful external world in order to satisfy their various demands, but at the same time, affecting land, air and other living creatures. Eventually, the environment will then change humanity.